Stronger at Retail

Spinach Marketing has the pulse on retail. Our patent pending retail monitoring system can track any retail environment 24/7 and provide you with an unprecedented view into retail.

Armed with our data and retail expertise, we can help you unlock the keys to driving sales and becoming stronger at retail.


Pulse of Retail

Learn how customers are engaged, understand what's driving sales, and know the path to purchase - in real time


Can you imagine having an e-commerce site without data? Without knowing who visited? Without knowing what they clicked on or looked at? Not a chance. And yet, brands put product in retail everyday without having the same insight.

Spinach Marketing gives brands website-like analytics in-store. 

Spinach Marketing provides empirical data from its patent-pending technology that monitors how customers engage with brands’ displays. Through our array of IoT sensors and devices that are seamlessly integrated into retail, we monitor activity that allows brands to answer questions, such as:

  • Which of my products are customers interacting with?
  • How long do customers engage with my product?
  • Which displays and locations have the highest levels of engagement?
  • How effective is my display at driving sales?

The answers to these questions give brands insight and knowledge that they have never had. With this information, they will be able to monitor and transform their in-store customer engagement to create stronger shopping experiences for customers.


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